Staying Safe in the Virtual World

Our smartphones are the entry point to a virtual world that helps us connect with anyone, anytime anywhere, and access any information. It is important to understand that just like we exercise caution to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe in the real world, we need to be vigilant in the virtual world too. Hence, it is extremely important that first we have an understanding of the pros and cons of being a netizen (citizen of the virtual world i.e. Internet).

This workshop has been specially designed keeping in mind the present scenario where adults and children alike cherish their citizenship in the virtual world and are most of the times caught unaware of the cyber security threats that lurk disguised in the form of friendly apps or identities.

Target Audience : Parents, educators and learning enthusiasts (teenagers, young adults, anyone interested)

Nurturing Thinking in Children

With so much to watch and hear, we have become mere consumers of information. Even our children do not have time for themselves. They are always surrounded by so much that they mostly put on their thinking caps when they are asked to answer questions. It is also observed that they strive to come up with answers that we adults want to, or expect to hear.

Keeping with its motto Practicing Perfection Abhyast brings to you a workshop that will help parents and educators understand the brain development in children and help children think critically and creatively while distinguishing between them.

“Nurturing Thinking in Children”

Target Audience : Parents, Educators and Learning enthusiasts

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to :

  • describe thinking

  • categorise thinking into critical and creative thinking

  • employ the different types of thinking in the process of problem solving

  • follow a bottom up approach from decision to problem and analyse the various conditions that contribute to the different approaches to problem solving thus influencing thinking

The Brain Game

A well informed child develops into a curious and aware individual. Hence, exposing them to knowledge helps them be well prepared for the challenges of future. The aim of this workshop is to create a foundation for children to know, how experiences shape the brain.

After the workshop, the participant will be able to :

- state the basic functions of the brain

- associate the functions of body systems with the regions of brain.

- list activities and choices that lead to a healthy brain

- state how certain activities and choices negatively affect the brain

- create a board game highlighting choices that affect the brain positively and

Target Audience : Children aged 9 to 12 years

Technology for Learning - I

Wouldn't it be nice if children become mindful of the way they interact with technology? Would it not be great if they willingly take charge of their learning and ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable activity that they look forward to? "Technology for Learning" is a workshop designed to expose children to various ways in which they can utilize their knowledge of using technology for learning.

After the workshop, the participant will be able to

- identify technology as their learning companion

- list resources that they can use to enhance their learning

- use the resources independently

- search and identify the usefulness of resources for learning

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