Abhyast is committed to print quality textbooks for young learners to facilitate their thinking and learning process. 

The aim is to promote critical thinking, creative thinking, self reflection, empathy, grit and resilience. To summarize the aim of our publication is enABLEment

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Age group :8+
Social and Emotional learning is an integral part of everyday learning. True education ensures that a child is able to handle daily life situations meticulously. To move towards an enlightened society, it is important that today’s children be equipped to take up challenges and learn to accept their shortcomings and work towards converting them into their strengths. Learning from other people’s experiences is also an essential part of upbringing. Two sides uses case study approach to convey the essential life skills value yourself, stay hopeful, gratitude and body language. 

Mindful Coding Using Scratch
Age group :8+
Mindful coding, as the name suggests, presents coding as a skill to complement the critical thinking skills of young learners. It aims to encourage children to identify issues and solve them by using coding. Scratch is a block programming environment that can be the first coding environment for any age group. The book uses a problem-solving approach to teach coding using Scratch. 

It's  All In  The Brain
Age group : 13+
From time immemorial the quest for knowledge has been the most enlightening of the experiences that a living organism is capable of. Just like the different types of learning that a child is exposed to formally or informally, it is important that children are given exposure from a young age about how the brain controls their behaviour. This will equip them and make them aware of the reasons behind actions and reactions, thus giving them a self- belief that they can train their brain. 

A Heart For Health
Age group : 13 +
To enjoy the blessing called Life it is very important that we give utmost importance to our health. Only a healthy person can be an asset to his/her family, society and thus the nation. Health and Hygiene go hand in hand. Even the healthiest person will fall ill in unhygienic conditions and and even an unwell person can recover better in a hygienic environment. Thus, it is important that people take cognizance of their health and overall well being. 

It is a compendium of three categories: Health and nutrition, slf care and first aid.

Responsible  Rupee
Age group : 13+
Teaching children the value of money and how to manage it responsibly is a crucial aspect of their education. However, with the ever-increasing influence of media and advertising, young children are often bombarded with messages that promote materialism and impulsive spending. As parents, caregivers, and educators, it is our responsibility to equip our children with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their money