from Introspection to Celebration

" Elders can guide me, teachers can preach to me, friends can support me, loved ones can encourage me but at the end; it is me who has to take the plunge. I need to bring my thinking skills to action before deciding which way I want to head.

So, though I am a social being, my best friend first has to be me.

To be able to realize my “true self” I must tell myself everyday that I am my best friend "


Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They along with the numerous TV channels, web series have made us mere consumers of information. The illusionary world of technology appears far more engrossing and relaxing than the real world. We seldom take time out for ourselves. We cannot ignore the fact that what we hear and see, shapes our thought process and there is no denial that “We are what we think”. We cannot let others’ opinions and expressions represent us. Reading, singing, dancing, cooking, drawing the much revered hobbies have taken a backseat; online gaming, social networking, watching digital content have become our favourite pastimes.

Do you know the human mind is considered the most developed and the most intelligent of all the living beings? I am sure your answer would be YES. But have you given it a thought? Do we exhibit it in our daily life? Don’t be in a hurry to say a YES. The question requires introspection.Our capability to think creatively and critically can be exercised much better when we give ourselves time to introspect.


At Abhyast we believe that only when we take charge of ourselves can we be in harmony with the Self and the world.

Abhivyakti means self expression. To be able to express self is not an easy task. Self expression is one of the means to know oneself. It can be considered as a step towards Self Awareness; a necessary life skill also listed as the Ten core Life Skills by UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO.

Art forms are one of the most acknowledged ways of self expression. Keeping this in mind, Abhyast announces Abhivyakti to nurture and promote self expression in people of all age groups.

The theme is " I am my Best Friend". Abhivyakti is about finding out a Me Time and leave your footprints on the sands of time.These footprints may lead many to their destination.

Abhivyakti Showcase

Showcase - 2020