ICT in education - Suggestive Activities

When children use technology to learn, learning transforms into a cherished experience.  ICT has the power to implement Experiential learning. Learning with technology can help children visualize abstract concepts better. Have fun learning about the solar system using the Solar System Scope.

The following are few sample suggestions to leverage ICT in education:
Section A has an embedded Solar System Scope application to allow children explore the solar system

Section B demonstrates using of Scratch to make programs that integrate learning.

Section C shows Mathematics worksheet generator that help students practice on their own. 

Section D  shows how an unknown concept like "The Brain" can be learned using quizzes. This can lay foundation to move from known to unknown and thus facilitate student centered learning in classroom.

Section E demonstrates an interactive video. An interactive video makes learning participatory.

ABHYAST can be your trusted partner in creating student centered classrooms by implementing the principles of Instructional designing to create diverse experiences to achieve learning outcomes.

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Section - A

Section - B

EVS Activity - Place the animal on either land, water and sky by dragging it and then click on the animal to hear what it says.
Foundational Stage 

Maths Activity - Generate times table by entering a number of your choice.
Preparatory Stage

Section - C

Children / teachers/ parents can themselves generate 2 to 8 digit sums and can check answers. The worksheet can also be printed.

Section - D
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Section - E