Learn Computing

Computing is defined generally as "any goal-oriented activity requiring, benefiting from, or creating computers." (Computing Curricula 2005: The Overview Report prepared by a joint committee of ACM, IEEE, and AIS)

Apps, websites, Alexa, video conferencing, Maps, Food delivery, learning apps, social networking and gaming apps all are an example of computing.
Thus, introducing children to computing can help nurture critical thinking, problem solving, decision making while promoting creativity and innovation.

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Learning Paths
Each learning path consists of cross-curricular projects aligned with the child's curriculum with an aim to link computing with real life while supporting a child's academic performance. Thus, computing skills support academic learning as well.

I. Block Programming
Age : 5 to 12 years

  • Moving objects

  • Animating characters

  • Story telling

  • Calculator

  • Scoring games

  • Quiz

  • Clicker game

  • Maze

II. Physical Computing
Age : 11 to 14 years

  • Creating a Basic Circuit

  • Lighting LEDs

  • Using Buzzers

  • Sensing temperature

  • Light and Movement

  • Building Robot that follows a line, detects obstacles

III. Web Development
Age : 13 to 19 years

  • Developing static web pages using HTML

  • Styling web pages using CSS

  • Making web pages responsive

  • Creating dynamic web pages

IV. Machine Learning
Age : 14 to 19 years

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Image and Text classification

  • Recognizing objects/ speech

  • Face detection

  • Games

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