Volcanoes and the Tectonic plates

Did you know that Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano in the Geldingadalir valley has been erupting since March this year?  A drone that was capturing this extraordinary natural phenomenon crashed into the volcano. The following is the video link that shows the volcanic eruption.

The above simulation shows the various types of tectonic plates. Choose each option one by one, then from the screen displayed choose Pick Time, prefer choosing the last option 20 million years and then click Run.

Let’s learn:


The earth’s surface is constantly moving. The movement is so slow that we do not notice it.The big chunk of lands that move are Tectonic plates. The picture below shows the major tectonic plates on the earth. The Red arrows indicate the type of the tectonic plate movement. 

Run the Simulation given below by choosing the type of tectonic plate movement .

Answer the questions that follow:

1.     Which type of tectonic plate movement is responsible for the volcanic eruption in the Geldingadalir valley in Iceland?

2.     Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reNz6CIKE00 and answer what is the material coming out of the volcano? 

3.     Using this link Locate Iceland on the world map. https://geology.com/world/world-map.shtml . Refer to Figure 1 and identify on which tectonic plate is Iceland located.

4.     Carefully Observe Figure 1, it is said that the Himalayas grow by an inch every year. Why do you think it happens?

Read more: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/why-mount-everest-can-grow-and-shrink-plate-tectonics